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Designs are copyright & trademark free. Designs will be emailed as 4500x5400px transparent PNG’s for immediate upload.


Designs include optimized Title & 2 Bullet Points written by professional writers. Merchinformer, Semrush, Jungle Scout, & Merchantwords are used for research.


Each design will include a certificate of ownership, granting exclusive and commercial rights.


All evergreen and niche research is done for you. No more scouring the internet for the next design idea.


Each design purchased is exclusive to you. You own all rights to purchased designs. You can change, alter, re-purpose, your purchased designs as you see fit. Designs are removed from once purchased.

Full Package Designs

Full Package Designs include a light & dark PNG files of each design to incorporate all shirt colors, source file, Mock-Up, and Keywords. Image only designs come with PNG & Source file only.

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  • Daniel Carvalho

    Hey Jesse! I'm loving the developments that you are doing on your site and the designs that you're uploading.

    I've been around MBA for almost a year now, but my sales have been very small because I have no design skills and I have limited resources to look for and hire good designers.
    Since I've become a premium subscriber at design pickem (one month ago) I've purchased 5 designs from you (paid for 3 and got 2 for free using your promotional codes) and already had some sales from 2 of them! This is a much higher "success rate" compared with my other designs, so I'm very happy with the results.
    What I love the most about your designs is the research that you obviously do for each one. I'm from Europe, so I miss some trending topics that are "hot" in the US and even some evergreen niches that I'm unfamiliar with because of the cultural differences between the two sides of the Atlantic, and the two sellers that I already have are designs that I would never remember to do if I had to create them by myself
  • Venessa Backman

    “I’ve bought several designs from Design Pickem and am very happy with the quality and I have made several merch sales already! I think they provide a great value and a nice variety of designs at various price points. I highly recommend Design Pickem!”

  • Angie Missiledine

    I have purchased several designs from designpickem.com and have been very happy with all of them. My best success story thus far, however, was posting one of Jesse’s designs using the keywords provided and the shirt made its first sale within 24 hours of going live! I am very pleased with the quality and pricing of this service and will continue to utilize it.

  • Theresa OntiverosTheresa Ontiveros

    I have been purchasing designs from Design Pickem for a couple of months now, to post to Merch by Amazon and other Print on Demands. I like how there are text based and also graphic designs to choose from; a little something for every niche. Now that I am at a higher tier I don't have the time to create all of my designs like I used to. When you purchase a design from Design Pickem it includes everything you need and some extras, so that you can upload the design right away to Merch. I have already made sales right after loading them up to Merch.


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